Founder Gianluca Franzoni is from Bologna, Italy. He also founded Domori Chocolate in 1997 and was the FIRST to develop a tasting code for chocolate, the FIRST bean to bar chocolate maker, the FIRST to grow heirloom cacao.In 1998 he developed the use of cocoa mass for the ice cream industry. He is a cacao farmer and a food scientist.

He has been a leading figure in the cacao, chocolate, nuts and ice cream industry for over 20 years.

Gianluca also personally sources, roasts and freshly vacuum-grinds the hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews for NUBOCHA gelato.




Renaissance Rising

Enter an age of rebirth, where we’ve dedicated years to achieve the moment of awakening that’s about to happen in your mouth.

We’ve artfully tested, procured and perfected the most highly evolved natural methods of transforming the healthful foods your body needs into the delicious foods you love to love.

Call it a renaissance, a revolution, a rallying cry. Any way you choose to enjoy, Nubocha is the daring new spirit of illuminated indulgence.